Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Mama Is Learning

1) First-Day-Of-School-Hot-Cocoa is a contradiction in terms.

2) My homeschool needs a recess teacher.

3) Homeschools have bullies too, sometimes.

4) The first week of school brings anxiety, excitement, tears, and the need for extra sleep...whether the boys leave the house for school or not.

5) Sometimes the most frightening moment of parenting comes when you discover your toothbrush is in a different place than where you left it. (I know, it's not school related, but it's true, yes?)


l e a h said...

I'm not going to ask where you found the toothbrush.

If we weren't separated by 5+ hours of travel time, I'd come be your recess teacher.


Janine said...

Hey Kim! Best wishes for you and the boys for your year of learning (all of you!) And I don't even wanna know where you found your tooth brush either! HA

karissa said...

I hear you on the hot cocoa front...except our first day special thing was chocolate chip pancakes! Truly, I am itching to know where your toothbrush was...is that wrong?