Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And Then There Were THREE

It's true: Our chicken house is becoming quite the lonely place to be. Lost another one this week, and though we're thankful to not be mentally muddling through a raccoon "robbery", we are dealing with the fact that we have absolutely no idea what killed her. Yesterday afternoon, while Justin was here on lunch, the boys were looking out the window and noticed there was a chicken that had flown over the fence. Justin went out to put her away (thankfully telling the boys to stay inside) and as he ushered her into the yard, he spied a limp little body out by the back wall. No blood, no bites, not a scratch on her.

So....c'est la vie. Or not, as the case may be. The boys weren't any more upset this time than the last, though this time they did come out and get a bit of a lesson about what a dead chicken looks like. I'm feeling sad that our egg ration is depleting. (We didn't eat any of the eggs from the nests yesterday, not knowing if they were safe.) Farmer Justin is feeling sad that he lost yet another member of his flock.


karissa said...

So sad-we are sorry about your poor chicken...and even sorrier about the lack of eggs for your family-what a bummer! Will you get more chickens next year do you think?

zachori said...

Sorry about your chicken!
Thanks for the kick in the butt, I put up a post just now!

l e a h said...

She was on her way to come live with me, I think. But I don't know what got her.


l e a h said...

Maybe I need to make a name banner in her honor.


kimberly said...


Janine said...

She may have had an egg burst in her. That can kill them quick if they land hard after flying. Also, do you have them on oyster shells crumbs? (Sold at the feed stores) That makes their shells harder for them. Let me know if you want to replace her. We could sell you a nice golden girl that will be laying really nice big brown eggs any day now! They adjust just fine with other chickens too so you don't have to worry about the "pecking order" myth.