Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 3

M week!

We ate muffins,
played Barrel of Monkeys in math,
stared at a jelly jar full of m&ms all week before finally charting our guesses (1-100) on Thursday, counting them and eating them, yum!

and.... we made mud!

(we were supposed to learn to mop, too, but somehow that didn't get done....)


karissa said...

What a blast, Caleb wants to know if he can move in, he is an excellent mopper. Two weeks ago at the store, we bought our very first mop-my kids asked curiously, "What's that mom?". I was slightly embarrassed and highly amused that they truly had absolutely no idea what a mop was. Truth be told they had never seen one before.

Jill said...

oh, you are so fun!!

I love the mud.

l e a h said...

That foot!!