Thursday, August 30, 2007

This Morning

This morning I climbed out of bed and walked into the living room to see Cole and Reese sitting on opposite couches, Reese with the ugliest scowl on his face (see template). Cole was saying, "It's the ghost that's as much as my smart brain. Reese, what's wrong? Why are you so mad?"

Wanting to stop any argument (even one in a different language as this one appeared to be) before it escalated to shouting and woke Reuben, who was up all night crying and seemed to finally be sleeping, I said, "Reese, sweetie, good morning, how are you? What's the matter?"

His response: "I'm mad that I didn't get the smart brain."

In explanation, Cole jumped in and said, "Mom, we were playing a game where Reese had to guess what was as much as my smart brain and he's just mad because he didn't get it right. Do you know what the answer was?"

Me: "The ghost?"

Cole: "A scientist."

Now, is anyone else getting this? Am I just not awake yet?

The coffee better be strong this morning.

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gigibogey said...

Oh I am crying with laughter right now albeit silently; my exhausted husband is asleep next to me and while I need the sleep more than anyone I have just received the call that will keep just about any woman awake--namely, my dear friend Torrie will probably be admitted in the hospital tonight to deliver her third child. Can't wait to be there yet wish I could have slept first...
Sister, you and your family add sparkle to my days. I am so thankful for you and your boys. xoxo