Monday, August 27, 2007


Quote of the Day:

"That sure is a lot of laundry for just one momma with a baby in her belly." ---Reese, age 3


sccrblndie said...

Awesome quote Reesie!! :) Loved getting to see all of you a week ago and hopefully we can do something similar a little more often. :) This blog is GREAT! I look forward to getting to see more pics more often! Love to all! Amy

karissa said...

My mouth is still watering from reading every detail of the pasty recipe, we will try it for sure. After a night out with my kids alone, a waiter who kept bringing me plates for my kids to eat from, mortified that I kept putting their food on the table so they wouldn't send the glass plates into the glass window, we will once again resume eating at home for the next month, or year. Kim, the pic of you all is so sweet, you look so beautiful and so happy.