Friday, August 24, 2007

First Day

Hi friends,
Welcome to our new blog! I hope you will check in from time to time to hear how we are doing or glimpse the occasional photo! I feel a bit like a kid on her first day of school, when the pencils are still sharp and the clothes are still new....but don't worry, soon the clothes will have grass stains and the pencils will break, and the messiness that is life will ensue. So check back.

Feel free to jump in and join the conversation at any point.

Quote of the Day:
"I just wish I HAD the force, because I do know how to use it." --Cole, age 6


polarbaer said...

Well, I've never been a 'blogger' before, but now must be the time. A big hi to the three acorns - I know #4 can't hear me yet. (Maybe he can!!)
I'm with Cole - I wish I had the force too!

gigibogey said...

I can't wait to read the stories and comments that will live here....and will be forwarding this blogspot onto my friends who love to hear the anecdotes I tell about my precious nephews. LOVE what Cole had to say, made my day :) kisses to all!

karissa said...

Yay-so glad to hear you have a blog, I will look forward to keep updated on your life up yonder! Love to you and your darling boys.