Thursday, October 2, 2008


Quote of the Day:

"Mom, COME QUICK! The world is falling apart!" --Cole, age 7

(I know. I was worried too. Apparently it was just a small matter with the globe.)


Luke said...

Good stuff!


sccrblndie said...

I think the quotes of the day are my favorite!! :) And yes, someone other than Leah, your folks and Karissa read this...hee hee....I love feeling like I am up to snuff on what's happening in the Philips household! Love to you and the boys! Amy :)

Amanda said...

There are posts all over today :o) LOL. You wouldn't have been ruse by, "TURN YOUR BLOG BACK ON PUBLIC!" I put it on private because I was a little tired of people bing linked to my blog about my comments on Goodmama diapers. I thought anyone who wanted to could still read my blog by signing in, I didn't know I had to invite people but discovered that when I had friends start yelling at me LOL. I figured anyone who would actually have to sign in to blogger wouldn't bother going that far if they just wanted to read the Goodmama "bashing" blog.

Anyway, I really enjoy both of your blogs, and am almost a daily reader and like most people I get irritated when there are no new posts (kidding). Anyhoo, it's funny how things work and amazes me when I think about how small the world truly is.