Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Confessions

....or, Things I Need To Get Off My Chest:

* It is 2pm and I only just got out of my jammies

* I bribed the boys with money this morning to get them to make their beds

* I'm pretty sure that spot on Reuben's pants is poo that leaked through his diaper, and though I changed his diaper, I didn't change his pants

* I asked Justin to get pizza for lunch so that I wouldn't have to do more dishes

* I made the kids drink water with their pizza, while I drank Pepsi in front of them

* The last entry in my checkbook is from before Sean was born

* I haven't yet written my baby thank-you cards, delivered some of my Christmas packages, or put away the wrapping paper

* I bribe Reuben with chocolate chips or mini-marshmallows to get him to use the potty

* Reese is so in need of a bath that when I ran my hand through his hair this morning, it stayed in the position I left it.....


It is the weekend (hooray, hooray) and tomorrow is Sabbath (hooray, hooray) and we are all buzzing about the games we will play, the walks we will take, the lounging we will do....

What bliss! This is what grace is, to me!


Anonymous said...

Oh Friend~ How I can relate. You are not alone! :) I'm thankful we are on this "Journey of Motherhood" together. See you Wed! Love, Kristie

Lynne Paulus said...

It is comforting hearing the confessions of another mom! It would be a rare day in my house to not be completely in sync with one or more of the details of your day today!

zachori said...

Hmmm, I have 1 less child, no baby, and the only difference is that I HAVE been writing checks! Should I be relieved by knowing I'm not alone, or convicted? This is a tough choice... =) As a wise older mother told me when someone tried to convince me that things would get easier as my kids grew older, "No, it doesn't get "easier", it gets different!"

Jill Heuser said...

Well as long as we are confessing:

I can't remember when I last brushed Ella's teeth and she is still in her clothes from yesterday - that she slept in last night.

anagotadavida said...

Can i just say that i love your total and unfiltered honesty! That's why i love hanging out with you!!! Course the last time we did hang out was right before you were 100% certain you were pregnant with Sean!