Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Heard Around The....Volvo

Pulling up outside the Bellingham Amtrak station (Reuben got to go on a REAL train ride with his daddy for his 4th birthday):

Reuben: "LOOK, Mama, a NAZI!"

Mama: "WHAT? Where?!"

Reuben: "Right over there. A Nazi, Mama, look! Right there in front of the station!"

Mama cranes her neck to look around and sees no Nazis.

Reese: "Reuben---do you mean a taxi?"

Reuben: "Yeah, Mama, a taxi! Look!"


mrs boo radley said...

Oh good lawdy.

:: the monkey pod :: said...

Oh my...

This really tickled my funny bone! ~Mina

krista said...

Thanks for making me giggle, again! I can always count on the wisdom of your boys' to make my day!

karissa said...

Oh dear, I needed to laugh. Thank you.