Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My favorite thing about three-year-olds is the way they say the most random things---with absolutely no context whatsoever. In honor of Reuben's upcoming birthday (and knowing it means he will outgrow this stage soon), here are a few I've heard lately--completely out of the blue:

"Do you want to look in my belly-button?"


To Sean (shouting): "SING THE BARBIE SONG!"


Running into our bedroom first thing in the morning: "I asked God to give me a dream about caterpillars, but He didn't. He gave me a dream about bees."


Crawling into bed, whispering: "God, I don't want to have any dreams. Don't give me any, okay?"


"Ella has nice teeth."


"I'm a human."


(holding a cup of water): "I am NACHO LIBRE. Remember? He has water?"


"When I was a baby, what did you call me?" ("We called you Reuben.") "OH."

Next day, looking worried: "When Ari is all growed up, what will we call HIM?!" ("Ari.") "Oh."


Wide-eyed, walking out of the bathroom wearing only a teeshirt: "I'm 'posed to have underwear on but I don't. IT'S MAGIC!"

Reese (bored): "You peed them dead."

Reuben: "No, I didn't."

Reese (moving on to something better): "You shot them right off."

Reuben: "No!" Runs back into bathroom and emerges holding the elusive spiderman pants.



the monkey pod said...

oh.my.goodness. I think I just died from laughter!

karissa said...

LOVE IT! There is something totally magical about that age. I would even (almost) say it's my favorite so far. And boys do three even better than girls (I think). So how lucky are you?!?

Thank you for the smile(s).

mrs boo radley said...



Aunt Vicky said...

Love it! What a cutie!

Papa said...

That Reuben is really something! Can't wait to hear what Seannie and Ari come up with.

Judi said...

i am crying! that just made me laugh so hard. I love boys! "you shot them off"! too funny.