Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby, Daddy, Fat, Old

Our breakfast conversation this morning:

Reese: "So Mom, does it go: 'Baby, Daddy, Fat, Old'?"

Mama: "Excuse me?"

Reese: "Does it go 'Baby, Daddy, Fat, Old'?" (I love how they always repeat it verbatim...as though there is a CHANCE I might have the slightest idea what they're referencing)

Mama: "I'm sorry, Baby, I don't know what you're asking."

Cole (desperate to help): "You know, Mom, like living? Like the way we live? We start out as babies....then turn into kids....then daddies" (DOT DOT DOT)

Reese: "Then it goes to that other stuff...right?"

Now how would you have answered this question?


Luke said...

[laughing] I'm still confused. I think I would have said something like, "Well, yes, we do start out as babies, grow up, and eventually our bodies stop working so well. At that point in time it is very easy to start getting fat because our bodies aren't as energetic and young any more... and that is what happens when you get old."

...And then I'd see if that answered their question. If not, try again [smile].


Judi said...

that is hilarious! how old is Reese?

mrs boo radley said...

Baby --> Daddy --> Fat --> Old -->, where (x - Baby)>(x + Baby), if (Old = Fat) < (Fat - Old), provided that (Fat * Baby) = (Old / Daddy)

Heth said...

That is a RIOT!

Lynne Paulus said...

Well since the power of observation is often fairly correct, I'd say often that about sums it up! I love kids!