Thursday, July 31, 2008

Retail Therapy

Well, Justin just left for Portland to visit his dad for a long weekend. They spend a weekend together once every summer, and take turns being the one to make the drive. This year was our year to commute. Thanks to Trey and Dana for loaning us their Volvo so that the boys and I are not totally housebound!

In preparation for his leaving, I took off last night for several hours of Retail Therapy. Reuben cried and begged to come with me. I thought to myself that he and I would probably have plenty of each other this weekend, thankyouverymuch, and I better go off on my own for a while.

Off to the thrift store, then, where I spent a blissful 2 1/2 hours. Yup, two and a half hours. I closed the place down. And no, I didn't look at everything I wanted to.

Want a sneak peek of some of my treasures?

Here's a tiny cast-iron skillet I bought for Cole to cook his eggs in every morning. We've been working with him on making his own breakfast--which is a bit of a task, since we don't do the typical bagel/muffin/cereal kind of thing in the morning. I love that this skillet is just his size.

(Karissa: here's a cast-iron I bought for YOU! ...if you still want it. I will clean it up and get it seasoned and ready for you!)

This is a stack of five matching stoneware bread-and-butter plates for the boys to use when they set their table for breakfast, snack, or lunch. I think they are BEAUTIFUL.....but they cost me $.49 a piece, so I won't be too heartbroken if one gets dropped and shatters.

And last, but not least, is a simple little navy blue ceramic pitcher so the boys can serve themselves their own tea or water. I'm still trying to decide what to do about cups. We've been using regular drinking glasses, but I like the idea of the boys having their own special cups in their dish cupboard. I'm thinking about giving them some Japanese tea cups I have stored away....

Oh, it's so much fun. All this plus an armload of new clothes for Mama, all for the bargain price of thirty dollars!


Becky said...

I died laughing when I saw the pictures of the bread and butter plates that you bought for the boys ... why, you might ask? Growing up, our family had those plates as our dinnerware!! Perhaps you ended up with our set and they made their way north! I just had to call Mom and we shared a laugh together because of ALL the dinnerware out there, you ended up with the exact same as ours when I was Cole's age! Mom also told me that she bought those at a local grocery store at the time. Just a fun little fact for your Thursday evening! Good luck to you and the boys this weekend!

Aleah said...

Ahh...we've been wanting to trash our pots and pans and get some cast iron! I'll have to check our local thrift stores!

Thanks for the comment, we're in Lynnwood by the way. : )

It's nice 'meeting' another Mom with 4!

MM said...

Wow! You did great! I went to Goodwill a couple of weeks ago and spent $20 on onesies for baby and a pottery book for James, and I thought my purchases were on the pricey side. Oh, how I was right after reading your latest entry! I'm thinking this thrift way of shopping is a bit of an art I have yet to master. :)

karissa said...

YES, YES, YES of course I would love that lovely skillet. I was just yesterday bemoaning my non-stick coated pan. Love the dishes too and 'new' clothes, always a good idea for the ever changing post-baby mama self!

Jill said...

I LOVE cast iron. I can't seem to find any at the thrift store by our house though. Maybe I need to branch out and check out some different thrift stores! I hope you are having a fun weekend and that Justin comes home refreshed - and ready to take over so you get a little break :)

Amanda said...

I am a iron skillet addict, I mean collector :o). Saturday, my husband turned the car around to visit a garage sale. A man and his children were outside and there was a lovely 14" iron skillet sitting on the table. I asked how much and he the man asked his daughter how much mama wanted for it (there was no price on it). She said $1. I was like, Jeremiah, hurry quick give me a dollar and let's get out of here before mama comes out and realizes her husband's mistake, LOL. I normally get all my iron from our best ever Goodwill for cheap cheap cheap. Once I visited the thrift store, more like antique store, in town here and they want $80, YES EIGHTY dollars for a cast iron pan. George Washington himself must have used it for them to ask so much!

Lucky you who gets to spend 2 1/2 hours thrifting, I envy you :o).