Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday Night Slurpees

....aren't a tradition, but they should be!

Or then again, maybe not. Cole had pina colada, Reese had coca cola, and Reuben had mountain dew...

and I'm pretty sure that not one of them fell asleep before 10!

We've been talking at our planning meetings recently about ways that we can cut down on our trips in the car. Being a homeschooling mother of four, I hardly leave the house anyway; the weekends are the only times we ever really use the car, and that is only to do the obligatory errands of buying groceries and going to the bank. But still, we've been brainstorming what some of our other options might be.

So this week, Justin built this bad boy:

which is an extra bike that Nils gave us that Justin outfitted with two side-saddle bags and two milk crates. Our Big Idea was to begin using this for groceries instead of the car (though I doubt I can do Costco on it...what do you think?) We tried it out on a quick Daddy Run to the corner 7-11 after dinner before Justin took it on its true maiden voyage, later last night, to the Fred Meyer store 2 miles away. Our list wasn't incredibly long, but he did easily make it there and back with all the groceries intact (including two dozen eggs).

It's nice to know that at least for the summer months--we have this option now. If the list is longer on any given day, we can hitch up the bike trailer and double the carrying capacity.

Quote of the Day:
"I ran over Superman with the lawnmower today. He wasn't very super" --Daddy Justin


zachori said...

Great idea!! I only wish the grocery store was only 2 miles from me!!!!

Janine said...

You guys are soooo funny! I would never catch John doing that.... well, I shouldn't say never... maybe we should try that out, only the grocery store is about 12 miles from us - well a good grocery store that is... hahaha

Karissa said...

Brilliant idea, love the bike-very "Justin"! He is a resourceful, crafty and ingenious kind of guy. On the slurpee note, we make them at home last night, in our ice cream maker, with a $.99 bottle of organic raspberry slushies EVER, you could try that sometime if you have the ice cream maker!