Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eden and The Dinner Table

Quote of the Day:

"Getting sent out of that garden is like having to get down from the dinner table for not using manners. I don't like that" --Reese, age 4

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Stuart, Judi, & Silas said...

Hi Kim and Justin!

This is Judi Ballantyne (nee Osterhouse)...I came across your blog from the Strovas' blog and i've had so much fun reading about your family! We are living in Australia and have 2 boys. Silas- 2 1/2 and Josiah- 7 months.

That quote of Reese's almost made me cry! so precious that he thinks being banished from the garden is like being sent away from the dinner table. Oh my goodness. i love that.

Good to see your beautiful family. You all look amazing! Bless you! Judi