Monday, January 21, 2008

Good vs. Evil

In our house, illness is commonly referred to as a fight between The Good Guys and The Bad Guys. This allows for general ease of parenting (ie: "Go right to sleep, so the good guys can do their fighting") as well as ease of receiving health reports---a report from the battlefront ("the good guys are winning") is easier to decode than a cryptic "fine" when one asks how the invalid is feeling.

Reese has been fighting off a mild bug the last couple of days. At any given moment, his battle reports can turn on a dime....and of course, being Reese, they are filled with extra doses of creativity, making them difficult to decipher after all. Here's what I've gotten from him so far today.

First thing in the morning, after a good night's sleep: "It's all good guys, everywhere!"

After lunch, heading towards a much-needed nap: "In my body is the Heart Man, two circle guys, three square guys, and 6 bad guys."

Post-nap: "There used to be 6 bad guys, but the Heart Man is so, so special that he killed all of them, and now there are only four."

Climbing into bed, doped up on Tylenol and wrapped in Mommy's special blanket: "I feel just like I'm giving you a flower!"


karissa said...

We are so looking forward to seeing all of you Saturday, praying that everyone is feeling super by then!

Mina @ [themonkeypod] said...

We've been fighting the winter flu -- James has an ear infection and I've lost my voice. How happy we would be if Reese could share his Heart Man with us. I absolutely LOVE his imagination!

Amanda said...

It seems like the 4 of us in some way, shape or form have been sick since Christmas! I hate being sick, good thing it only comes around once every couple years.

Love your "good guy/bad guy thing". THAT should make it easier to explain to my daughter why getting extra sleep while being sick is important, thanks for sharing that bit of useful info because I'm going to use it for my own good :o). Now, if only I could use it on myself.

I love girly things! Girly diapers are just too cute and yes I do plan on making more bags, even thinking about selling them. As if I didn't have enough to do :o).