Monday, December 3, 2007

Waiting For Baby

I sent the boys downstairs to play earlier so that I could make their lunch "sans chaos". When I finally called them back up and we were sitting at the table eating our sandwiches, I asked them what they had been playing downstairs.

"Until Reuben comes down," says Cole.

I think for a minute and realize he must have misunderstood what I was asking. "No, what were you playing down there?"

"Until Reuben Comes Down," says Cole.

It's dawning on me at this point that this is the name of the game.
Dare I ask? "What's that?" I say.

"Oh, you know," he shrugs. "We just play whatever we're playing.... Until Reuben Comes Down. Then we run and hide."

Oh, I think, poor Reuben. And this from the same boys that dubbed their littlest brother The Evil Pirate and created a game where they play happily in my room until he goes to search for the source of the fun---whereas they shout, "THE EVIL PIRATE! THE EVIL PIRATE!" and slam the door in his face.

The thing is, it's not that they dislike him. (That's not true. I think Reese actually dislikes him.) It's just that they more love the idea of having someone to play the villain--you know, the whole Cops and Robbers mentality. Because really, what fun is all the warring if you don't have a fall guy? Isn't that what little brothers are for?

It is December. We are in our last 12 days now before Baby is due. I keep hoping that God, in his greater wisdom, is giving us this new brother to even the playing field a bit. I'm suspecting that will be the case. Somehow just the idea of two sets of bunks side by side is a more calming thought than the two big boys plotting in their room downstairs, and Reuben alone and helpless against their ploys in his crib upstairs....


Mina said...

I have visions of some sort of brotherly initiation when Reuben moves downstairs! I can’t imagine what it would be, and as creative as your boys are, I am sure it will be riot! :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Reuben! You should have the older two start saving now for his therapy!:) L-Kristie

Becky said...

And to think that I thought that "Until Reuben comes down" was a game played by the boys because they were so excited to have Reuben move downstairs once the new baby moves into his room. My other thought was that Reuban was hiding up high somewhere in the basement and Cole & Reese were waiting "Until Reuban comes down." I should have known!! :)

karissa said...

What comfort it is to me to know that your little guy endures much the same as mine every day....Kyler is too big to be baby Jesus for Rylee and too small to wrestle with Caleb and stand a fighting chance. I will think fondly of Reuben and say a little prayer for him the next time Kyler gets pummeled into the Christmas tree for the hundredth time. I wonder what the two of those third-born little men would do if we left them in a room alone...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim~ How are you doing?! Thinking of you big time- and praying all is well. Love ya, Kristie

Anonymous said...

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