Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Child Labor

My kids have been so bored lately. The stormy weather outside combined with the months that have passed since the last surge of birthday gifts is doing them in. Cole finally asked yesterday, "Can we please go to the store and pick out a new toy?" and I had to say, "No, not this close to Christmas...."

So they have nothing to do, and I have way too much to do. A light dawned this morning, and I told the boys that I would pay them to help with my chores. Cole wants to work ALL THE TIME and is actively saving for a discontinued (read: expensive) Star Wars Lego kit, so he was thrilled, and Reese was just glad to be involved. So off we went.

Before I could even get Reuben dressed for the day, the big boys had run in and made my bed and cleaned all the bedroom windows. They continued to tumble around the house like snow flurries, cleaning everything in their path. Together we switched loads of laundry, folded and put away clothes, loaded and ran the dishwasher, and Cole even took out two full crates of recyclables to the curb, as well as all the compost. I finally had to send them off to the playroom because I needed a break!

We have more on our list and I don't know if we'll get it all done today. But I do know that they feel quite pleased with their accomplishments, I'm feeling less stress, and I'm maybe out $2.00 at the most--all in all, a good day. The (sort of) worrisome part is that I hear them playing downstairs now and Cole is offering to do "chores" for Reese if Reese will give him the money out of his savings jar. Cole knows what he's asking for, but Reese still has no concept of what he's giving away, and is doing so a little too willingly. Better go nip that in the bud!

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karissa said...

Good thinking Kim, glad to know mine aren't the only bored ones. I bought 4 yards of peach colored spandex today in desperation for some kind of crazy, physical fun at my house so we can all stay sane. I'll let you know if come up with something exciting!